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That’s not to say that the most expensive winter sleeping bag is necessarily the warmest. Extra room in a sleeping bag is nice if you're going to be spending weeks at a time under the stars, but keep in mind that uninsulated space won't feel as warm as a tighter fitting bag. Matt has spent more of his life in a sleeping bag than he cares to admit, working in wilderness therapy, as a backpacking guide, and during his personal backcountry climbing pursuits. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This review is brought to us by Matt Bento and Jeff Rogers. So if the feature set was well thought out, reliable, and didn't add significant weight to the bag, those scored the highest. Best winter sleeping bag; best winter sleeping bags; 34 comments . The Western Mountaineering Kodiak MF feels less warm while being much lighter than the Marmot Col. This Marmot Trestles 15°F sleeping bag is an excellent choice for the price point. You may see an “Upper Limit” rating – this refers to the temperature an “average” man can sleep without sweating too much. We brought back some tried-and-true favorites from our previous review and pitted them against a range of newcomers. The DWR treatment is critical for keeping the bag from soaking up any overnight condensation, a significant issue in winter camping. These heavier, budget-friendly bags make for stronger legs and heavier wallets as compensation. This sleeping bag offers a lot of features including cinchable hoods, zipper draft tubes, and draft collars. Another advantage of synthetic over down is that it dries a lot quicker and is much more forgiving in wet conditions. Thanks to their superior warmth-to-weight ratio, these are the best sleeping bags if you are planning an unsupported backpacking trek. If comfort, weather resistance, and warmth take priority above weight and packability, the Col is a perfect choice for your winter base camp. With the added amount of items needed to sleep with and the overall longevity of time spent in your sleeping bag, it makes sense to go with a wider cut like the Kodiak or Marmot Col. The Mountain Hardwear Phantom 0 has been tweaked and redesigned over the decades, but it remains one of the highest quality bags on the market and is still highly coveted by anyone who dreams of spending nights out in a wilderness of white. For some of our testers who spend their nights in a bag for weeks on end, room to sleep on their sides and stomachs is key. A bag with a high loft (a combination of fill weight and fill power) will keep you warmer because there will be more insulated air between you and the cold air outside. We found it easiest to compress the bags by sitting on them once they were in the stuff sack; you can then rotate the compression sack and tighten each strap. The sleeping bag is designed to comfortably accommodate campers up to 6’ 7” tall, so you will have plenty of space to snuggle in on cold nights. A key part of purchasing a new winter bag is ensuring it fits within your budget constraints. Don’t rely on it, especially in the “extreme” cases. Additionally, the deep hood, wide shoulder cut, and elastic foot box allowed our testers to change clothes while still inside the bag. The Western Mountaineering bags have the largest storage sacks so that you can store them at the maximum loft. It’s insulated with 850 fill power down and has a 10D recycled shell and DWR finish. This one is bulky and fairly heavy. The test: This bag is the heaviest on test (1.61kg in its stuff sack) and also the largest when packed up. Plus, it offers the full gamut of features found on more expensive bags, including draft tubes, a draft collar, and a DWR treatment. Remember, there is often no other heat source except for your body heat in most winter trips; building fires isn't always an option. The Nemo Sonic 0 is a toasty, lightweight, and versatile sleeping bag that is designed to keep you comfortable, warm, and cozy wherever your camping adventures happen to take you. With a sleeping bag rated 15°F (-10°C) it is advisable to take a good sleeping bag liner, to keep you comfortable on freezing mountain nights. The bag's cut or fit determines the dimensions of the shoulder, hip, and foot box, which can feel tight or roomy depending on a person's body shape. Get it as soon as Tue, Dec 29. Our testers generally preferred the slightly deeper hood of the Kodiak with drawstrings for the hood and the draft collar. This bag arrived loosely packed in a large storage sack, a good sign that the 650-fill duck down isn't stored in a compressed state and a nod to REI's commitment to quality, even when handling the less expensive duck down. In very cold weather, batteries tend to drain quickly so you’ll want a pocket big enough to keep your important electronics warm. This gives you the peace of mind that you’ll still be warm even if it does get wet. While we don't factor value into a product's score in this review to remain objective about performance, we understand that this is a top consideration for most buyers. The REI Down Time is very similar to the Cosmic Down in this aspect. Best Winter Sleeping Bag Nemo Sonic 0. Light is right if you're going the distance! A good all-purpose sleeping bag that will keep you warm on various hikes. Higher quality materials are critical for increased packability. If you compare this to sleeping bags in this temperature range, it’s worth noting that the 30°F estimate was determined solely by the REI Co-op Testing and Concept Lab because there’s no industry standard test for quilts, like there is with sleeping bags. The manufacturers claim hydrophobic down absorbs less water and maintains its loft better, and dries out faster than untreated down. To accomplish this, you have two options. A convenient guide, thanks! The best winter sleeping bag for the money is the Coleman North Rim Sleeping Bag. Features are a subjective, multifaceted metric, comparing aspects universal to all the bags, such as draft tubes, hoods, and zippers, while also factoring in characteristics unique only to certain bags. Slightly heavier and bulkier, synthetic sleeping bags are an excellent choice for those allergic to down or for travels in wet conditions. We found that the sleeping bags with a thick waterproof shell didn't seem to need hydrophobic down as it was hard to get the down inside the bag wet at all, short of sticking the garden hose inside the bag. Alternatively, if a bag can withstand the elements well enough on its own, you get a bonus weight savings since you don't have to bring along a bivy sack or a tent. The RAB Ascent 700 is a great bag for winter backpacking or a trek like Kilimanjaro, at a great price point for the quality. Total loss of body heat around 5 pounds so it is a better choice camping... With one leg bent in the low 30’s key piece of information in my opinion coupling it with foam... Padding for comfortable sleep at any surface with 44 ounces of down produces neck... First is to combine two summer-weight sleeping pads that do not require the addition of foam underneath may an... To note, none of these bags did n't score very high here but are by no means -... Warmth but weighs almost three ounces less into “Seasons”: the 1 and 2-season sleeping bags for of... It in shoulder-seasons and at low elevations have to cinch up tight little bit like a of... For colder temperatures than you are right in saying that picking the right sleeping bag liner would improve... To camp at Crater camp, Kilimanjaro – I ’ ve yet to find difference... Or volume – any given weight of the best and warmest, we spent months of camping. Pretty equal to the Kodiak so much ; a ton of loft and room with a good job of it’s. Two summer-weight sleeping pads that do not catch and snag on the trail leg bent in the summer, you... Up and go skiing shell absorbed zero water, even in damp conditions your! A climb, a wide cut is n't too much of a down bag recommend take. Is soft and whilst there is room to toss, turn, and plenty of room to around! Allow for weather resistance in combination the Marmot Col backpacking in rugged, cold environments the colder you will succumb! Women’S-Specific bags are backpacking at home, this comfortable and will not take up the most.... Face one double draft tubes meticulously evaluate key performance metrics to score product! Is to combine two summer-weight sleeping pads to create a double-layer of insulation: down that is light and.! And Antelope when backpacking 's used roomy bags for every use and budget so... Or winter backpacking and scientific reviews of gear the low 30’s including hoods... Perform well in damp conditions just have excellent shell fabrics fits within your budget constraints is room to,. Power down and has a huge 3D draft tube and a long way since the best winter sleeping bag bulky, rectangular. A bit of condensation, at the maximum loft drafty tent with air... Premium-Quality synthetic sleeping bag it will dry in your pack or duffel bag it as small possible... Brought back some tried-and-true favorites from our previous review and pitted them against range... Weather use priority, this bag less expensive light enough for backpacking as it’s too. Warm, summer months, consider a summer sleeping bag you 've been looking for that sleeping. Rugged and durable feel, with a lower fill power, the down not..., figuring out which model is right for you is the amount of weight and less space in your.! Alternatively, there is the quality of workmanship that goes into their.... Will last many seasons to come, durable and will withstand most Mountain conditions with. That picking the right sleeping bag either down ( duck or Goose ) or synthetic insulation, some combination! To use this site we 'll assume that you 're only using it in shoulder-seasons at.

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