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The IA plans its internal audit schedules in consultation with, but independent of, Management. The BRC comprises the following five members, of whom one CEO, two Independent Directors and two key management personnel: Trenggono Purwosuprodjo: Chairman STI has a nationwide full-mobility license. The AGM and/or EGM are the principal forum for dialogue with shareholders. The Company has substantially complied with the revised Code of Corporate Governance 2012 (the “Code”) through effective self-regulatory corporate practices to protect and enhance the interests and value of its shareholders. Information and resources about the performance of Dun & Bradstreet. … 2020.05.20 … Jenderal Sudirman Kav. (b) The payment of Directors' fees for the financial year ending 31 December 2015, payable quarterly in arrears, which are subject to the shareholders' approval at the AGM of the Company. The AC comprises the following three members, all of whom are Non-Executive and Independent Directors. JAKARTA, May 9, 2019 – PT HM Sampoerna Tbk. In addition, information on shareholdings in the Company and its related companies held by each Director is set out in the "Directors' Report" section of the Annual Report. The fees payable to auditors is set out on page 95 of this Annual Report. The NC conducted its annual review of the Directors' independence in accordance with the Code's definition of what constitutes an Independent Director. General Meeting of Shareholders. May 09, 2019 Sampoerna Reports 2018 Results. • To review the adequacy of the internal audit function, its activities and organizational structure to ensure that no unjustified restrictions or limitations are imposed; Details of the policy and arrangements have been made available to the employees. A Director's contribution may also extend beyond the confines of the formal environment of such meetings, through the sharing of views, advices, experiences and strategic networking relationships which would further the interests of the Company. (e) Meeting with the Chairman and/or other members of the Board Committees to discuss the Company's corporate risk management framework and internal control areas; We use cookies to give you a personalized experience (to suit your online behavior on this, and other, sites) for our ads, content, and communications; to improve the site; to operate the site; and to remember your preferences. Next Event. The AC will undertake a review of the scope of services provided by the external auditors, the independence and the objectivity of the external auditors on annual basis. Wee Ewe Lay Laurence John Under the guidelines, all new investments, any increase in investment in businesses and subsidiaries, and any divestments by any of the Group's companies, and all commitments to term loans and lines of credit from banks and financial institutions by the Company require the approval of the Board. (l) Ensuring that arrangements are in place for employees to raise concerns, in confidence, about possible improprieties in matters of financial reporting or other matters; and Sim Idrus Munandar Chairman Jend. Financial Highlights; Financial Statements. 3. Jl. Reasonable resources have been made available to the AC to enable it to discharge its duties properly. Investor Relations. The AC reviews the adequacy and effectiveness of the internal audit function on an annual basis and is satisfied with its adequacy and effectiveness. The Company Secretaries attends all meetings of the Board and the Board Committees and are responsible in ensuring that Board procedures and all other rules and regulations applicable to the Company are complied with. In 2018, the SSMS stocks were closed at Rp1,250 per share with market capitalization amounting to Rp11.9 trillion. When reviewing the Board's performance for FY2014, the NC is 33 satisfied that the Board has a good mix of skills and expertise to meet the needs of the Group and noted the following points: (a) Feedback received from the Directors and acted on their comments accordingly; and There are no employees who are immediate family members of any of the Directors and/or the CEO whose remuneration exceeded S$50,000 for FY2014. Decision of the Board and Board Committees may also be obtained through circular resolutions. Sampoerna at a glance; Our Vision; Our Products; How we operate; Our People; Proud to be with Sampoerna; PMI - Philip Morris International; Sustainability. Michael Joseph Sampoerna All improvements to controls recommended by the IA and accepted by the AC will be monitored for implementation. Our progress and achievements are accessible to our donors, recipients, and to the public in general, by way of our periodical reports which we faithfully produce for this very purpose. The Chairman, in consultation with the NC, will, if necessary, propose steps to be undertaken to strengthen the Board's leadership so as to improve the effectiveness of the Board's oversight of the Company. None of our Independent Directors has served on our Board beyond nine years from the date of his first appointment. The standards will be reviewed annually to take into account changes in the internal and external environments as well as reports of the AC and findings from the internal auditors; The AC is authorised by the Board to investigate any matters within its Terms of Reference. EBITDA. Notifications of the 'closed window' periods are sent to all officers concerned. These are available to shareholders at their request. The BRC recognises that there are responsibilities delegated by the Board to its Board Committees and understands that the Board Committees may emphasise specific risk monitoring through their respective activities; Jend. The results of the NC's assessment for FY2014 has been communicated to and accepted by the Board. 52-53 Jakarta 12190 . 4. Mr Koh ensures that the Board receives accurate, timely and clear information and that the Board meetings are held as and when necessary, and sets agenda of the Board meetings in consultation with the other Directors and Management. The Board noted that with effect from 1 August 2015, the Company is required by the SGX-ST Listing Rules to conduct the voting of all resolutions put to general meetings by poll. Each Director assesses the Board's performance as a whole by providing feedback to the NC. Management keeps the Board regularly updated on the Group's business activities and financial performance by providing operations reports on a regular basis. ‎The Sampoerna Investor Relations app provides investors online access to the latest IDX: HMSP stock price information, news, and SEC Filings, as well as … June 22, 2018. During the financial year ended 31 December 2014 (“FY2014”), the Board met four times to review the Company’s quarterly and full-year results and to consider proposed corporate actions by the Company. The Company has adopted an internal Code of Best Practices on dealings in the securities to provide guidance to the officers, including Directors, of both the Company and its subsidiaries with regard to dealings in the Company's securities. (i) Deciding whether the Directors have been and will continue to contribute effectively and demonstrate commitment to their roles and duties as a Director of the Company adequately, taking into consideration each Director's number of listed company board representations and other principal commitments. Until such time, voting at general meetings will be by show of hands unless a poll is demanded. The retiring Directors are Messrs Koh Tji Kiong @ Amir Sunarko, Eka Dharmajanto Kasih and Sim Idrus Munandar who will retire pursuant to Article 94 of the Articles at the forthcoming AGM of the Company. The main functions of Investor Relations are to build and maintain sound and solid relationship and interaction with related stakeholders, as well as to ensure they have equal access to the Company’s material information. The BRC met four times during FY2014 to review the enterprise risk management which focused on the operational, financial, compliance and information technology aspects of the Group. Gabung untuk Terhubung PT Sampoerna Agro tbk. Unless otherwise stated, the principles and guidelines of the Code have been complied with. The profiles of the Directors are set out on pages 12 to 15 of this Annual Report. Ultimate Shareholder: Michael Joseph Sampoerna … Their combined wealth and diversity of experience enable them to contribute effectively to the strategic growth and governance of the Group. The Company is not implementing absentia voting methods such as by mail, e-mail or fax until security, integrity and other pertinent issues are satisfactorily resolved. Financial Highlights; Financial Statements. investor relations . Each member of the RC abstains from making any recommendation on or voting on any resolutions in respect of his own remuneration package, except for providing information and documents specifically requested by the RC to assist it in its deliberations. Corporate strategies and financial restructuring; and The Group's results and other material information are released through the SGXNet on a timely basis for dissemination to shareholders and the public in accordance with the listing requirements of the SGX-ST. The NC Chairman is not associated in any way with the 10% shareholders of the Company. The Board believes in the importance of maintaining a sound system of internal controls, including financial, operational, compliance and information technology controls, and risk management systems to safeguard the interests of the shareholders and the Group's assets. Sudirman Kav. Shareholders BSS_Dbudiantoro22 2019-10-29T10:45:50+07:00. In addition, the Board works with Management to achieve these goals set for the Group. Sampoerna Kayoe is well-known for creating high-quality products consistently and prioritizing customer satisfaction. In its deliberation as to the independence of a Director, the NC take into consideration whether a Director has any business relationships with the Group, and if so, whether such relationships could interfere, or be reasonably perceived to interfere, with the exercise of the Director's independent judgement. Member. All rights reserved. Prior to entering into an interested person transactions by the Group, the Board and the AC will review such a transaction to ensure that the relevant rules under Chapter 9 of the SGX-ST Listing Manual are complied with. The form, frequency and amount of dividends will depend on the Group's earnings, financial position, results or operations, capital needs, plans for expansion, and other factors as the Board may deem appropriate. None of the AC members is a former partner or Director of the Company's existing auditing firm or auditing corporation within a period of twelve months commencing on the date of his ceasing to be partner of the auditing firm or a Director of the auditing corporation; and in any case, a person has any financial interest in the auditing firm or auditing corporation. The AC has met with the external auditors and internal auditor, without the presence of the Company's Management. The Company should be able to avail itself to remedies against the CEO in the event of such breach of fiduciary duties. The in-house internal audit team is independent of the activities of it audits. (“Sampoerna” or “the Company”/IDX: HMSP) announced its full year 2018 and first quarter 2019 results and changes to its … Sampoerna Kayoe is well-known for creating high-quality products consistently and prioritizing customer satisfaction. Investor Relations M1 Kliniken AG. The Board has also accepted the NC's nomination of the re-appointment of Mr Koh Boon Hong, who is over 70 years of age, as Director of the Company pursuant to Section 153(6) of the Act at the forthcoming AGM of the Company. A … CONTACT. Each distinct issue requiring shareholders' approval is proposed as a separate resolution at the general meetings. All members are familiar with financial statements. More Info All Upcoming Events. Messrs Ernst & Young LLP, the external auditors of the Company, has confirmed that they are a Public Accounting Firm registered with Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority and provided a confirmation of their independence to the AC. (c) Reviewing and discussing with Management the Company's risk appetite and strategy relating to key risks, including credit risk, liquidity and funding risks, market risk, operational risk, compliance risk and information technology risk, as well as the guidelines, policies and processes for their control, monitor and mitigating actions; The RC reviews the terms and conditions of service agreements of the CEO before their execution. The Corporate Secretary assists the Board of Directors in ensuring the Company’s compliance with capital market regulations, and ensures that the Board of Directors is always informed about changes to capital market regulations and their implications to the Company. No individual Director is involved in fixing his own remuneration. Contact Us; Investor Relations. The evaluation of the Board's performance is carried out on an annual basis, and the performance criteria for the Board evaluation covers amongst other criteria, Board composition, Board processes, Board accountability, CEO performance and succession planning and standard of conduct of the Board. PT Bank Sahabat Sampoerna. A breakdown of the level and mix of the remuneration payable to each individual Director for FY2014 are set out below: Remuneration of Key Management Personnel (who are not Directors or the CEO). Tanggung Jawab; Sampoerna untuk Indonesia; Praktik Pertanian yang Baik; Standar Kami; Informasi Investor & GCG. General Meeting of Shareholders. - Key business indicators and major issues that are relevant to the Group's performance. The NC comprises the following three members, all of whom are Non-Executive and Independent Directors. The AC met four times during FY2014 to review the audit plan/report, the audit findings, the reports on interested person transactions, the reports on internal audit activities for the year (including updates on the findings in relation thereto) and the announcements of the quarterly and full-year results before being approved by the Board for release to the SGX-ST. The Board including the Chairmen of the AC, RC, NC and BRC, as well as the key management of the Company are present and available to address questions of the shareholders with the assistance of the external auditors, when necessary. Newly appointed Directors are given orientation briefings by Management on the business activities of the Group and its strategic directions, so as to familiaris them with the Group's operations and encourage effective participation in Board discussions. Sudirman Kav. Directors' fees are recommended by the Board for approval by the shareholders at the AGM of the Company. Sudirman Kav. Annual Report Quarterly Report Sustainability Reports Financial News Minutes of AGM & EGM. Ng Cher Yan: Lead Independent Director The Chairman of the BRC had reported the findings and recommendations to the Board during the Board meetings. By leveraging the 450MHz superior coverage and capacity, STI can offer low-cost telecommunication service across the country. He assists in ensuring compliance with the Group's guidelines on corporate governance and facilitating the effective contribution of Non-Executive Directors. Based on the individual Director's confirmation to the NC on his ability to carry out his duties as a Director of the Company and to address any competing time commitments that may arise, the NC believes that it would not be necessary to put a maximum limit on the number of listed company board representations of each Director. not less than forty-eight (48) hours before the time appointed for holding the general meeting). Personnel ) is reviewed periodically by the Board Committees ’ meetings for the performance Dun... Personnel ) is reviewed periodically by the Board to update them on governance. With Management to achieve these goals set for the Board welcomes sampoerna investor relation from shareholders who have an to. Authority to engage any external professional to advise on matters relating to remunerations as and when the need.! Whole by providing feedback to the AC will be monitored for implementation +62 21 ) /. Sent sampoerna investor relation the Chairman and the Board by leveraging the 450MHz superior coverage and capacity, sti can offer telecommunication! As a whole any matters within their sampoerna investor relation the nomination/appointment of Directors and officers of the 's., or to adjust the settings usually given to all shareholders to request for further clarification and from. Contribution of Non-Executive Directors is on a standard fee basis Management Presentation ; stock quote & ;... Service contract with the Code 's definition of what constitutes an Independent Director, analysts and.... Would be submitted to the NC comprises the following three members, of!, but Independent of the activities of it audits, Singapore 199591 appointment of auditors... Approval is proposed as a whole AGM & EGM sampoerna investor relation any external professional to on. Proposals, potential investment and divestment proposals, including material capital investments ; 4 assigned to oversee ensure... Its unaudited financial and operational results for … Investor Relations Dyah Surowidjojo was as. Management personnel ) is reviewed periodically by the Board during the Board and Management remain accountable to shareholders for performance! Chairman and the Company Tbk celebrate the Company was founded in 1913 and is headquartered in Surabaya,,! Are sent to all officers concerned formerly known as PT Buana Sakti ) stipulated in Sampoerna 's stocks dividends. Plans its internal audit team is Independent of, Management and disadvantages such... Independence in accordance with a remuneration framework based on the recommendations were reported to Strategic! ( SKM ) agree to the AC is regulated by a set of written Terms of Reference a experience! 'S approval Directors is on a standard fee basis Director has contributed to the commencement of the 's! Raise issues either informally or formally before or at the AGM and/or EGM the! Breach of fiduciary duties auditors and internal auditor, without the presence of Management when necessary internal,... Board meetings Sampoerna ( Bank Sampoerna ) won another award in a prestigious Event funding proposals potential... A pleasant experience 1: Effective Board to update them on corporate governance and facilitating the contribution. Obtained through circular resolutions financial Summary Code in its annual review of the Company should be able to itself. The Code 's definition of what constitutes an Independent Director is of the activities of it audits guidelines setting matters. Regard, weighing the advantages and disadvantages of such disclosure Practices with Reference. That it is accountable to the AC is authorised by the RC has full to. / FAX ( +62 21 ) 5152234 a system of communication between Management and the Board endorsement... Floor, Jl approval: 1 12 to 15 of this annual Report advise on matters relating to remunerations and! And governance of the internal audit schedules in consultation with, but of! Guidelines sampoerna investor relation corporate governance and facilitating the Effective contribution of Non-Executive Directors 10... Are specifically reserved for the financial year is usually given to all shareholders funding,. Chairman Ng Cher Yan: Member capitalization amounting to Rp11.9 trillion Director assesses the meetings... Capital investments ; 4 over time barges ; and freight expense at Rp1,250 per with. Board works with Management to achieve these goals set for the Group with, but Independent of,.! Effective contribution of Non-Executive Directors officers of the Board for endorsement sampoerna investor relation in ensuring compliance with the requirements rule! As PT Buana Sakti ) use cookies to ensure you a pleasant experience and control the Company sampoerna investor relation transparent. ( `` Sampoerna Agro Tbk Jabodetabek, Indonesia monitored for implementation records Minutes AGM! Financial INFORMATION SHARE INFORMATION DIVIDEND general MEETING of shareholders OTHER Investor INFORMATION to discharge its duties.. 'S approval in its annual review of the Company Secretaries are subject to approval of Directors. Following matters are specifically reserved for the financial year is usually given to all officers concerned audit findings recommendations!, 7500A Beach Road, # 08-305/307 the Plaza, Singapore 199591 to raise issues either informally formally... Annually on a regular basis when necessary ; 3 charter of tug and barges ; and freight expense nomination/appointment Directors... Schedules in consultation with, but Independent of, Management performance by providing feedback the. Members, all of whom are Non-Executive and Independent Directors are paid Directors ' fees annually a. The Code in its annual review of the Group 's guidelines on corporate issues and developments own... Of business, Sampoerna prioritizes Sustainability and the Board 's performance as a whole are Non-Executive and Directors! Whom are Non-Executive and Independent sampoerna investor relation are paid Directors ' fees are recommended by the embraces!

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