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Aptly called CC cream, the skincare-makeup hybrid goes one step beyond its little sister BB to address issues like redness and sallowness with light-diffusing particles and color technology. 14 Reviews Add Your Review. 8 years ago. What Is BB Cream? Choose: Liquid foundation Even the slightest signs of aging can be magnified with the wrong makeup, so if you'd like to see fewer crow's-feet or laugh lines, opt for a liquid foundation… This CC Cream combines Total Effects anti-aging benefits with just enough foundation to give your skin a flawless-looking glow Provides natural-looking, sheer coverage and fights 7 signs of aging: dullness, uneven tone, lack of firmness, uneven texture, dryness and visible pores Gives your skin an instant, healthy-looking radiance Formula is dermatologically tested and oil-free One 1.7 fl. In general, a great liquid or cream foundation can provide the same “color correction” as a CC cream, and many have beneficial ingredients, too. Hooray! For me, 130 was a little too dark and yellow-toned, so moving forward, I will be using 125. Rating: 91 % of 100. Foundation is just that—the literal foundation of your beauty routine. See more ideas about makeup, makeup tips, how to apply concealer. The overall opinion is the original Korean and Japanese BBs are much better than the new American ones. The best CC creams vary widely in composition, so what suits one person perfectly will not necessarily be right for another. Ahead, learn the difference between BB cream, CC cream and foundation — and tips for applying each. Since BB creams have multiple benefits, you can streamline your routine and save a little bit of space in your travel bag. The American BBs are more like Tinted Moisturizers (TMs) which don't have a lot of coverage, so its nice to layer your foundation on top for added coverage. Lucky Together; Heart Blossom; Strawberry Blossom; Play Color Eyes; SoonJung; Moistfull Collagen ; AC Clean Up; Wonder Pore; Sebum Soak; Real Propolis; Vita C Talk; BEST; NEW; EVENT; MEMBER ZONE; BRAND; TRENDING. Categories. One of the most annoying parts of traveling is trying to figure out which beauty products to stash in your on-the-go makeup bag. You would not use both. Clove + Hallow Pressed Mineral Foundation “This finely-milled foundation fuses talc-free powders, minerals, and antioxidants together which is safe for … Use a BB cream…when you travel. I highly recommend trying the Asian ones though. BB creams can be used as a face primer (the stuff that primes your face and helps your foundation stick to it and perform better) and sometimes BB creams are even advertised to be used as a primer if you desire. 3 Answers . She was wondering if its alright to apply the CC Cream first as a foundation/keep the make up intact, followed by the BB Cream and finish off with the make up fixer? Don't you worry, there are an array of foundation makeup products—which include lightweight tinted moisturizers, liquid foundations, and BB creams… Available in four buildable shades that can be combined to create your match. Just fuckin mix it up together and slap da cream on!Have freaking globs of it in there! … Is it ok if I add Garnier BB cream to it? Reply. I tried the drops in both 125 and 130. With a CC cream … CC creams are more focused on concealing issues such as blemishes and redness, whereas BB creams … YEs Revlon foundation will be more hydrating and Less matte. 7 years ago. Arbonne Intelligence® CC Cream. Apply as you would foundation. Anonymous. You can if you feel it’s necessary but a true BB cream is supposed to replace foundation (with added skincare benefits and redness reduction.) 2. BB is a replacement for foundation. I have been using it cosmetics cc cream and have had no desire to change as it does exactly what it says it does. To help you find your perfect match, we spoke to two professionals, board-certified dermatologist Marina Peredo, MD, and celebrity makeup artist Stephanie Flor. If you're looking for a bb cream try the newer version of the garnier bb cream. @lb91 I've used both Benefit POREfessional and UD Optical Illusion and they work perfectly fine with almost any foundation I am wearing. After four weeks of using a label-masked CC cream, testers come back for another round of images at which point our experts assess the creams' anti-aging benefits — looking at whether there is … Source(s): Totally an expert in this! I am low on cash. Feb 18, 2017 - Have you been mystified by makeup? I have some Revlon color stay foundation that I am running low on. Step 4: Swirl the moisturizer and drop(s) together until blended. BB Cream is your all-in-one daily foundation, cutting down three steps into one. 1. Now you might enjoy applying your makeup! Mixing foundation with moisturizer can work really well sometimes with a liquid foundation but I also have the revlon whipped foundation and I don't think I would recommend mixing with that. Beatles. this Give a nice Glow on dull complexion. Relevance. Here you will find everything on how to apply foundation, to how to make it last using primer, and how to apply concealer. Use a BB cream… This is the absolute best foundation I have ever used. 4 years ago. Variation: Concealer: Concealer has a lot of variation from which a person can select. Relevance. Foundation: So if BB and CC creams provide some decent coverage and even skin care benefits, is this the end of traditional foundation as we know it? BB creams are specially formulated to act as a 3-in-1 foundation. CC creams also offer less coverage than foundation and are also sold with the promise of skincare benefits similar to BB creams. Mixing the two together has added benefits as well: "The moisturizer gives your foundation added slip so it blends better and hydrates the skin at the same time. It is a miraculous product that will change your life. Now onto my thoughts! I’ve found that even without a primer this CC cream goes on smoothly and won't crack or crease over the course of the day. Can you mix bb cream and foundation together? The CC Cream seems to be more focused on the aspect of color correcting (hence why its a “CC” cream). CC creams help to hide and correct the skin. Add to Cart. Just when you thought you had finally familiarized yourself with tinted moisturizers and BB creams, the next innovation arrives in the foundation-skincare sector. Foundation: Foundation also has a selection, but it is not as wide as that of the concealer. As low as US $16.80. A combination of a BB and a CC cream, this Korean creation combines skincare, primer, foundation, and sun protection into one tube. The best of beauty and skincare come together to provide smooth, lightweight to medium coverage, concealing blemishes and dark spots, while delivering high-performance skincare. Whether you’re looking for a foundation to smooth out lines and wrinkles, correct redness on skin, cover blemishes, or simply achieve a natural yet airbrushed makeup look—there’s a foundation for you! This product also claims to provide serum, moisturizer, and primer, but I think it … Lv 7. It works to even out your skin tone and provides a fresh canvas for all other makeup. As you can see, both concealer and foundation make important parts of a person’s makeup. The only time I run in to issues with IT CC Cream is when my brush needs to be cleaned, but otherwise it's great. The sheer number of BB creams, CC creams and foundations can be overwhelming. I’ve mastered the art of mixing foundation (and BB / CC creams for that matter) when I foolishly bought new products on holidays and was super super tanned. Favourite answer. They worked well for about a week post holidays then they were ridiculously too dark, not wanting to waste some pricey goods I mixed them with some I already owned and ‘voilà’ perfect post holiday tan colour! I only bought this because the price was so good when ordering my normal No7 skin products that I have been using for several years now so I decided to give it a try. Favorite Answer. (Gasp). Answer Save. In stock. My personal favorite is the IT Cosmetics CC Cream. Probably not. Foundation: Foundation is lighter in consistency. Answer Save. The main difference is that CC creams offer more coverage than BB creams as their goal is to even out skin tones and cover some flaws like redness and dark spots. 2 Answers. Look no further. It's basically your foundation plus sunscreen, plus skin care. Available in 10 shades, the formula starts out white then blends into your best hue as you smooth it on. It's pretty awesome stuff. That doesn’t mean a well-formulated CC creams is a bad choice—it just means that it isn’t as unique as the letters or product claims make it sound. Qty. Overall Thoughts About Clinique BIY Pigment Drops: Colours Available – The collection is available in 12 shades, ranging in colour and tone. Home; CC Cream ; CC Cream. 0 0. Foundation and BB cream are similar. Anonymous. Some are designed to provide a similar level of coverage to BB creams, others are more of a tint rather than a foundation cream, and others are probably better used as a corrective skin primer underneath foundation cream. When I first used the Bye Bye Foundation, I honestly wasn’t as blown away as I thought I’d be. Colour Correctors or CC creams were invented to correct any imperfections on the skin such as hyperpigmentation. Working together, the three elements of any flawless complexion should consist of foundation, primer, and moisturizer.

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